I got my first ‘real’ job in 2013 by walking into an advertising agency in Lagos, asking to see the creative director and declaring to him that I was a very creative person and wanted a job. Till this day, his response stays with me like it was yesterday. “The question is not whether you are creative, the question is - can you be creative every single day”? I didn’t have a response for him, but luckily he gave me a two week trial which became an exhilarating three year career in one of the best agencies in the world - DDB.

And then I got an offer I couldn’t resist. The offer was to become the Editor of a super cool lifestyle platform called Ndani. In the three years I spent being creative every single day, I developed a love for content creation and creative direction. This love led me to the job at Ndani and in turn opened doors for me to create and produce a bunch of cool content for some of Africa’s biggest brands.

The combination of copywriting and content development and God’s infinite grace ultimately led me to my current role which truly has surpassed all my expectations. My official job description is ‘Storyteller and Content Curator’ and I get to create narratives and curate content for countries participating in the next World Expo happening in Dubai in 2020.

People keep asking me how I got the job and I tell them the simple (and boring) truth - I put my CV on the Expo 2020 website and a recruiter reached out to me. Three interviews and a test later, I packed all my bags and moved to the Middle East. I know, wild.

In my spare time, you will find doing either of these three things.

1) Writing my debut novel

2)Talking about how I’m struggling to write this novel

3) Doing anything and everything to avoid writing my novel

I’m open to freelance gigs so if you would like to work with me - send me an email, let’s talk :)

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